Stitch Fix #1: First Impression & Review


Stitch Fix is a styling subscription service that sends personalized clothes and accessories to customers on a set schedule (i.e. biweekly, monthly, quarterly). The service is designed for people who dislike or don’t have time to shop, want to try new trends, or receive professional style feedback.

When I joined, I had to fill out a pretty comprehensive style profile that asked for my size, the fit and cut that I like, the type of style and clothing items I usually wear, my occupation, and my price range. I could even write a note to my stylist and ask for specific types of items, like pieces for spring/summer or a formal dress for an upcoming event. Stitch Fix charged a $20 styling fee that will later be credited to whatever I buy.


I was so excited to see this box sitting in front of my door when I got home on Thursday 😀

The package came with the five clothing pieces or accessories that my stylist picked for me, a prepaid return envelope for the items I don’t want, a personal note and styling guide from my stylist, and the prices of all the items. The idea was for me to try on all the clothes, buy what I love, and return the rest within three days.

Now onto the best part…THE CLOTHES!

Kaileigh – Alexus Open Knit Cardigan $38

I love cardigans, but the shape of this one just didn’t work for me. I wasn’t a fan of the batwing sleeves, and there was too much fabric creating the front drape.


Articles of Society – Heather High Rise Skinny Jeans $64

I didn’t know I needed these jeans until I tried them on! They fit perfectly and are SUPER SOFT. The length is perfect for my height…say goodbye to extra fabric gathered at the ankle.


Kaileigh – Marisole Knit Romper $48

Before I even tried on this romper, I knew that I wouldn’t keep it. I prefer subtle prints, and this was definitely not. The fabric was soft and comfortable, and the fit was ok, but this was not my style.


Nine Britton – Jemima Knit Dress $48

I liked this dress before I tried it on. I love blue (fav color <3) and I didn’t mind the floral print. Unfortunately, the dress didn’t have any shape and the fabric was too clingy.


Sole Society Handbags – Leesa Tote $69

The last item in my box was this cute tote. I liked the color and simple design.  This would have been perfect as a work bag for after graduation…if I didn’t already have one. I didn’t feel the need to have another work purse unless I was in love with it, so I decided not to keep this.




Overall, my stylist did a pretty good job of keeping everything within my price range. Stitch Fix offers a 25% discount if I bought everything. Combined with the $20 credit that I paid for the styling fee, the total would have been $180.25, which is a really good deal if I loved everything.

The stylist chooses the pieces based on my style profile, and I think she got the general idea of what I like. I forgot to mention that I prefer subtle prints so that’s not her fault since she can’t read my mind. Stitch Fix also ask customers to leave feedback about each of the items so the service will improve as my stylist gets to know me better.

The return process is also super easy. I just throw everything into the giant return bag that Stitch Fix provided and drop it off at my local USPS.

I think Stitch Fix is worth a try if you want to experiment with new trends or like new clothes but is too lazy/busy to go shopping. You can use my link to receive $15 credit on your first Stitch Fix box!

Thank you for reading! Comment below if you’ve tried Stitch Fix and what you thought of it 🙂



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