Stitch Fix #3 Try-On and Review


Another Stitch Fix arrived in late June. This third fix was the best one I’ve gotten, so far. My stylist stuck to more neutral colors and classic styles, which I tend to gravitate towards.

First Impression & Try-On
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Kut From the Kloth – Siena Cropped Pants $58; West Kei – Julianne Tie Front Blouse $44

The first thing I tried was the cropped pants. The pants fit perfectly and were very comfortable. These trousers would have been perfect for work, but I wasn’t a fan of the cropped look. I didn’t like my ankles peeping out.


The tie front blouse looked cuter on than I expected. The top was comfortable and good quality. Navy blue is also one of my go-to colors. Unfortunately, the more I looked at this blouse, the less I liked the tie front detail. I’m generally not fond of large details, let alone one that’s right in front of the shirt.


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Kaileigh – Layton Halter Top $38

This halter top was on par with what I usually wore. The top was made of a flowy material in a denim color. I debated a lot about this top, because I could see myself wearing this top with almost anything in my closet. In the end, I decided to spend my money on pieces that would enhance my wardrobe instead of ones similar to what I already owned.


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Pink Clover – Kinver Shoulder Tie Detail Top $38

Neutral colors. ✓ Vertical stripes. ✓ Cute details. ✓

I own a lot of neutral colors in my wardrobe, but I have a surprising shortage of white tops. I love the cute shoulder tie detail and the good-quality fabric. The minimal vertical stripes didn’t look busy and made me look skinnier.


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Kensie – Marni Notched Collar Blazer $88

I asked my stylist for a blazer that I could wear casually, and she picked this gray, collarless blazer with three-quarter sleeves for me. Although I liked the color and fit, this jacket had shoulder pads, which I didn’t want for a casual blazer. I appreciated her effort though, because I know that the stylists are limited in their stock/selection, especially when having to meet my price range.



Since I liked most of the items in the box, I seriously debated getting all five pieces, which would have given me a major discount ($179.50 for all five). On the other hand, I didn’t need more clothes and wasn’t sure what I would do with the cropped pants (give it to a friend? sell it?), because it was the one item I, for sure, wouldn’t have worn. In the end, I decided to only keep the white shoulder-tie top, since it was versatile, fit perfectly into the rest of my wardrobe, and was simple with some nice details.

If you want to try Stitch Fix, use my link to received $15 off your first fix!



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